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As a Treasury & ALM Manager, you will be member of the Treasury department that ensures that the balance sheet of whole KBC Group is managed in a safe and profitable way.  In doing so, Treasury generates a large part of the net interest income which remains the most important source of profitability for KBC Group.

This is done via:

  • Asset & Liability management – managing the interest rate position and asset mix of the investment portfolios to generate more interest income in a sound way;
  • Optimizing balance sheet composition, liquidity and funding cost/mix of banking subsidiaries and the group;
  • Management of the short-term volatility of P&L and capital ratios via application of hedge accounting techniques.

Group Treasury and the Local Treasuries in all KBC entities work closely together. In this respect Treasury offers a unique opportunity to work in an intellectually challenging environment that provides a helicopter view on bank & insurance activities with a focus on international collaboration.

The vacant position is within the Strategy & Development team, a team within Group Treasury, that focuses on the overall treasury strategy and contributes in projects and conceptual developments that help us realizing our four must win battles: proactively adapting our balance sheet management to the changing environment (rising interest rates & possible deposit wars; volatile spreads; changing client behaviour; new competition,..); embracing data technologies (to gain superior insights in client behaviour and so in balance sheet management); standardizing core processes and doing this all better via structural groupwide collaboration.

Job Description

For this vacancy we are looking for a colleague who wants to become a Treasury expert and help us in developing solutions & strategies we can use to address challenges in different Treasury domains such as interest rate risk management, funding and liquidity, internal pricing, balance sheet forecasting and many more.

You are someone who loves getting to the bottom of things, gets energy from digging into complex matters and wants to acquire in-depth knowledge of the Treasury business. You don’t shy away from details and thrive in an environment where you can work on conceptual developments in a team of international experts. 

Colleagues in Treasury typically take up two to maximum three roles to get acquainted with different aspects of the activities. Specific roles are allocated based on competences & interest and are also chose to provide for on-the-job learning opportunities.


  • You want to become a top expert in one or more Treasury domains
  • You like going into depth in content topics
  • You are a team player with an open analytical mind, broad financial interests and a fast learner. You have at least some affinity and understanding of Treasury & ALM domains
  • You have strong drive to deliver practical solutions. Pro-actively taking up challenges, thoroughly analysing them and moving forward with a structured process towards a practical solution is something which gives you energy
  • You are self-driven and take ownership of assignments given to you. 
  • You develop sustainable collaboration with stakeholders (e.g. local treasurers, other group functions…). Such collaboration is based on mutual respect and open communication. Conflicting points of view are raised and solved, not avoided.
  • You can cut through complexity and formulate key messages in a clear and concise way to senior stakeholders.
  • You are proficient in English, both spoken & written


  • In Group Treasury, developments are organized group-wide and you work in a (virtual) team of experts across all KBC Group entities. You work in an exciting international context.
  • You will have various development opportunities. We invest in you with an exceptional offer of training and development opportunities.
  • You receive an open-ended contract with a competitive salary and a wide range of fringe benefits. 
  • You can maintain a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Our head offices are easily accessible by public transport. Does it suit you to work from home? That is also one of the possibilities!


The Treasury department offers a challenging environment at the core of the bank with a helicopter view of all aspects where our actions have a direct and substantial impact. Solving complex problems in an accessible way is the core of my work, with data being of crucial importance. 
Given the multi-faceted nature of the role of Treasury and ALM Manager, it is important to take into account the many interconnections and to manage the various stakeholders.

What Do We Offer

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