Fostering diversity

Your potential is the limit

Your skills and potential are essential. They are what matters when we talk about your career development. We truly enjoy the natural diversity that the approach towards our people brings.

One language

English is our universal internal language that opens our door to everyone who chooses to become our team member regardless of the native language. The colleagues who come from close by or far away together spice up our days.

Raising professionals

Career growth

Indeed, leadership is an option, but not the only destination. We give our people space to deepen knowledge and become experts in their field. Or a brand new one. We value our internal candidates and treat them with special care.

Internal rotations

Colleagues who feel like they need to face new challenges get support to find the right one internally. They also have an opportunity to take advantage of development options along the way. Online training platforms or contribution to projects outside our daily routine gets us closer to fulfill our future ambitions.


We believe in the added value of long-term cooperation that allows us to pass on new knowledge and skills. KBC offers students part-time jobs rather than short-term internships, and many of them decide to stay with us full-time after graduation.

Embracing parents

Individual approach

All our moms individually consult their needs in each period of their motherhood. We always strive to reflect the needs of concrete people in concrete teams. That is the reason why real flexibility works while both sides are happy.

Children on board

Parents are like superheroes. But we can still give their power some extra boost. The Children Zone has its door open to save the day and offers comfort to parents with their children in our office. Cooperation with the kindergarten nearby is just a cherry on the top.

Spending time together

Infinite reasons to meet

Eat. Play. Dance. We know how to recharge energy. You should know that our events are legendary. Good relationships are key to a good atmosphere and collaboration. Whether you enjoy sports or social occasions, you have plenty of choices during the whole year.

Work-life balance

Days off

You probably won't be surprised that our people have 5 weeks of holiday. Besides, we ask you to take 2 weeks in a row every year. The usual Sick Days were reborn and became My Days. You don't need to be sick to enjoy extra 3 days off and do whatever you wish. What are your plans for vacation?

Home office

Some interpret working from home as a benefit, some as a standard way of working. All we want to say about that is that the home office is simply in place for the majority of roles. The rest is up to you.


Everything is not all about work. Our office is ready to give you the tools to regain concentration. When the days are long, game rooms and relax zones are our harbor or opportunity for a bit different meeting. We are aware that office work has its downsides. That's why you can book a session with the physiotherapist on the floor and take advantage of a fully donated MultiSport card.

Other perks

Prepared for the future

We cover your back. Maybe you don't think about what happens in ten years. However, we can give you hints through contributions to the life and pension insurance. Advantageous conditions for products in KBC Group may come in handy as well.

Balanced budget

We see the importance of details that help you maintain your personal budget more effectively. The discounts by third parties extend continuously. Who else should know better even small savings make the difference? Moreover, electronic meal vouchers and a cafeteria system complete such intention.

The extra mile

The culture that encourages appreciation of people's efforts is critical. We developed several tools which allow us to reward team members who excel in their job or go beyond it. We value the engagement that moves forward our teams and makes us a great place to work.