Application Support Specialist

Why should you be interested?

  • The vital part of all back office operations (what happens behind the scenes, where transactions and processes begin, develop and bring results) is in hands of Application Support (aka Business Solution Analyst sometimes also called Technical or Specialized Support).
  • We look for colleagues who will represent the key link between operational and development teams. The most important task will be to know the application inside out. When new change request comes from business, the Application Support needs to contact the development team to find solution for the change, to make sure our systems do what we need them to be doing.
  • Processing the change consists of thorough understanding of the request, preparing the change, testing the change and implementing the new functionalities. The uniqueness of this role is in the combination of technical and analytical part together with excellent communication.


Is it you?

  • Ideally you have experience with applications used in finance and banking field
  • You are keen to understand the functionalities, workflows, processes and the logic of the system architecture and connected interfaces
  • You are patient to listen to all business requirements and understand not only which changes need to happen, but also why. This helps you to be the true partner for both business and IT Developers
  • You are curious enough to find answers to all questions starting “What happens, if I press this button...”
  • You are comfortable going after missing information yourself without hesitation
  • You are ready to explain the limitations and negotiate other options suggested by business and developers
  • You can assess the impact of a change from more perspectives and explain the consequences even if this is not going to be the best news
  • You are a great team player, because you realize that your success is related to all colleagues working together with you


What we offer?

  • Meal voucher card with an employer's contribution of 57 CZK, totaling 80 CZK / weekday = approx. 1140 CZK 
  • Cafeteria benefit system = 675 CZK per month (paid by the employer) = 8.100 Kč 
  • Multisport card paid by employer 
  • Company laptop, discounted mobile tariffs 
  • Fully paid hard / soft skills courses (MS Excel, Stylistic Writing, Presentation skills, Time & Stress management, Conflict handling etc.) 
  • Up to 1000 CZK for life insurance 
  • Fruit days twice a week in winter, ice cream days in summer 
  • Free ČSOB employee account and other ČSOB products with a bonus (e.g. mortgage) 
  • Indefinite employment contract 
  • Possibility of working from home, 25 days of holiday, 3 My Days (extra holiday)
Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Others
Level of Experience:  1. Junior (0->2 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Jihomoravský kraj
Company:  KBC Group SSC CZ