Enter the world of finance with us

Have you ever wondered what processes take place when you buy or sell securities? What do the processes look like to prevent money laundering or stop the funding of criminal activities or terrorist organizations? Wondering how the financial products you routinely use are actually created? Join us for a peek behind the curtain of the financial world! 

Our teams are looking for new reinforcements. Someone who would like to start a career in the financial sector. Someone who would like to learn new things. And if that's your case, you can count on us to teach you everything you need to know. 

Where you go is up to you. Whether you want to do financial analysis, detective detection of irregularities in financial movements or one day become part of the development of new applications and their testing, it depends on what you want to do. All these activities belong to our field and if you are interested, we will be happy to take you into the team where you can fully realize your potential.


Shape your future!


What do we expect from you? 

  • you use English (written and spoken), but you can also speak Czech or Slovak 

  • you use common sense when faced with an unfamiliar situation 

  • you like to work in a team and know the importance of team communication 

  • loyalty and responsibility are two words that describe you 

  • you are hungry for knowledge and never have enough of it



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    Meal voucher card with an employer's contribution of 26 CZK, totaling 125 CZK / weekday

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    Cafeteria benefit system of 675 CZK per month = 8.100 CZK per year (paid by the employer)

  • Multisport card paid by employer

  • Company laptop, discounted mobile tariffs from 99 CZK 1,5 GB, unlimited calls and SMS

  • Wide range of learning possibilities. Free online platform for flexible learning (Soft/hard skills courses according to your choice, language courses etc.)

  • Fully paid on site hard / soft skills courses (MS Excel, Stylistic Writing, Presentation skills, Time & Stress management, Conflict handling etc.)

  • Half year bonus based on Performance

  • Referral bonus for recommendation

  • Possibility of extraordinary bonus for working beyond the scope of the entrusted agenda

  • Employer´ s contribution to pension insurance

  • Up to 1000 CZK employer´s contribution for life insurance

  • Fruit days twice a week in winter, ice cream days in summer

  • Free ČSOB employee account and other ČSOB products with special employee´s conditions

  • Indefinite employment contract

  • Possibility of working from home, 25 days of holiday, 3 My Days (extra holiday)

  • Contribution of 50% of fee to KinderGarten Brno Campus for a child of KBC SSC employe

By applying for this position, you hereby confirm that you possess all necessary permissions to stay and work in the Czech Republic’s.

Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Administration & Support
Level of Experience: 
Region:  Czech Republic - Jihomoravský kraj
Company:  KBC Global Services Czech Branch