HR Specialist

What does it mean to be HR Specialist in KBC? 

As KBC HR Specialist you are the very first person, our newcomers meet their first day during induction training. You can leave strong first impression and at the same time improve the perception of our clients by your everyday work. Sounds good?

Belonging to our team means to work in true “Partnership”. Relating to your colleagues as well as to the clients, the Partnership at all levels is the KBC way. We support each other. And that matters. You should also love supporting people and we dare to say, we soon represent your second family and so do you. While having work family behind your back, your day- to- day work will be centered around finding solution to every inquiry, you receive. Together with a great colleague, HR Specialist Jana, you two will actively safeguard HR Policies, while supporting the delivery of HR processes to the company. 


What could your “average” day look like?

Coming to the office with positive and smiling attitude and looking forward to your colleagues
Having a short warm up meeting with HR team to share priorities, bottle necks, challenges, updates
Revising a daily plan of urgencies and making sure not to miss important scheduled meetings
Setting up a room for first meeting with up to 20 newcomers and giving them the first live KBC presentation, answering questions, collecting documents (yes, you will be one of the few people who could say – I have met them all) this is happening twice a month
Writing HR advice, adjusting policies, preparing presentation on payroll regulations and updates
Working lunch with Legal Advisor to sort out internal documentation and its workflow, archiving, and GDPR matters
Moderating a conference call with colleagues in Bulgaria on for instance on setting up local benefits and making sure we are competitive and compliant
Reading updates on new legislation, preparing abstract to be communicated during internal meetings to support processes adaptation
Providing training to recruiters on new onboarding procedure and make sure they know how to brief candidate on any arising questions
For sure there are even more tasks you will come across. All relate to our employees, so they remain in the core of your heart and even though, there is sometimes not so cheerful news to communicate, you know how to approach it

What do we expect from you?


  • you can be already experienced professional with solid knowledge of HR processes or thrilled for HR support and continuous self-development in this field
  • you will be actively implementing and setting up HR processes in the company, propose and enforce changes and therefore you have ability to adapt quickly
  • you need to be able to initiate and lead complex HR Projects across the Shared Services Center
  • you need to be skilled in teamwork, persuasive and clear communication, efficient organization and personal development
  • analytical skills and the ability to meet your goals are crucial for this position
  • you have passion for providing help to others, administration and creation of documents
  • you have hands on approach
  • last but not least is having stress resistance and solid structured approach

PS: if you are passionate about using spreadsheets, analytical and presentation tools, we will be keen to learn your tips and tricks

Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Human Resources
Level of Experience:  2. Medior/Experienced (2->5 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Jihomoravský kraj
Company:  KBC Group SSC CZ