Business Intelligence - Data warehouse development


Build your technical/analytical role in a team focused on multi-tenant data warehouse development. 

Tell us more about you. We’ll tailor the role for you according to your strengths. 


Have you ever had the chance to tailor your work role according to your skills, strengths and hobbies? We offer you this opportunity in our ever growing Business Intelligence Competence Center for KBC “Rainbow” solution in Prague! 

The Rainbow project currently has 35 teams which focus on building a completely new system for regulatory reporting of the whole KBC Group and its entities in 6 EU countries. Technologically speaking, the project solution is based on multi-tenant warehouse development. On each entity level, there is a separate instance with the same data model (“single version of truth”). Above all entities, the Group Tenant Warehouse consolidates data from all source systems of KBC banks and insurances. 


Teams’ tech stack: 


The system is built on Teradata technology, a unique HW + SW system for datawarehouses. Products of Informatica – one of the biggest software providers in the area of data processing, extraction, transformation and loading of the data are also included. SQL is the key tool used in most of teams.  


Other technologies used: 


  • Programming and automation: Java, Python, PHP 
  • Database systems: Teradata, Oracle, Postgre 
  • Tracking: JIRA, ServiceNow, Git, PowerBuilder 
  • Reporting and calculations: QlikSense, WKFS OneSumX, Moody’s Risk Authority, Miliman  


Choose the role that works for you within the team: 


  • Developer – Are you into Python, Java or PHP? Our team of developers might be a good fit for you. 
  • Analytical person – If your profile is technically-analytical or data-oriented, we have these two paths for you: 
    • for a technical path, you should have a technical background and ability to analyse and solve improvements of Rainbow technical components or various platforms interconnections; 
    • for data analytics path, you should aim into data analysis, possibly with banking / insurance data knowledge, also covering wide reporting area; 
  • Operational specialist – If you choose this path, you will be responsible for data loadings and operations of the DWH subsystems as such. 
  • Team lead – Are you good with people and experienced in Agile? We’re also looking for Scrum masters and Product owners. 
  • Service management and solution support – both junior and senior roles for people with services mentality brings responsibility for incidents, tickets from our customers and providing technical help which will be needed, as well as in applications’ management and dashboarding; 
  • Specific roles in specific areas – e.g. Security, Data modeling, Process Management... 


About you: 


  • You don’t sit at the corner, quite the opposite. You’re proactive in finding new solutions and gathering information. Flexibility is important! 
  • You’re a communicative team player. 
  • You speak English fluently. 


Where are we heading: 


We have moved first parts of the system to production in 2021. Since then, we are successfully running it with gradual improvements. The competence center (BICC) takes over the operation, maintenance, improving maturity and quality of the entire solution, as well as communication with our customers and clients groupwide.


How the application process works? 


  • Are you interested? Let us know what your background is, what are your hobbies and what kind of work makes you energized. 
  • Once we receive your CV and all supportive information, we try to assess where could be your potential. If we do find that there could be a potential fit with some of our teams, we’ll sit together and have a talk about your professional background, about your hobbies and expectations. That usually helps us to clarify our common vision. 
  • In the second round, once we are sure about where we see you, we’ll arrange a meeting for you with one of our technical colleagues from one or more suitable Rainbow teams. You’ll see if the proposed team role fits you and what would be your daily bread. We’ll also practically test your technical skills and level of English. 
  • In the last round, you’ll meet with the head of the whole project, Petra. 


We are currently searching for about 20 new BICC buddies, and other requirements are coming. No short-term jobs, but long-time careers... That’s why we always ask the magical question in the beginning: What do you want to do? And who knows, you might find your #dreamjob with us. 


By applying for this position, you hereby confirm that you possess all necessary permissions to stay and work in the Czech Republic.


Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Administration & Support
Level of Experience:  1. Junior (0->2 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Hlavní město Praha
Company:  KBC Global Services Czech Branch