Full Stack Developer with Java and Angular

Job Description:


Are you fan of Full stack development with Java, Angular… ?

Our project called Rainbow has more than 35 teams which focus on building a completely new system for regulatory reporting of the whole KBC Group and its entities in 5 EU countries. 


Technologies you will meet:


The system is built on Teradata technology, a unique HW + SW system for datawarehouse. Products of Informatica – one of the biggest software providers in the area of data processing, extraction, transformation and loading of the data are also included. SQL is the key tool used in most of teams.  

You’be working with exciting technologies: Java & the Spring Framework, JavaScript & Angular, dockers on OpenShift (=Kubernetes by Red Hat), a fully automated build & deploy pipeline, git, continuous releasing, Kibana for log analysis, Prometheus for automated alert management… And you’ll be working with a cloud-native development mindset.


What you can expect in first weeks/months:


We will introduce your plan what is expected from you within weeks and months. This plan you will check with head of the team.

When you will be familiar with all necessary technologies & procedures there is huge opportunity to learn something new – within our project there are a lot of interesting technologies and it’s up to you what kind of them would like to get deeper. And it’s not only about technologies – business areas in banking & insurance are so wide.


As a cloud native developer you can expect:


Developer with a DevOps mindset. That means you’ll be creating new features while also keeping tabs on the running applications. Occasional bugfixes and interaction with users are part the job. While you quickly fix any bugs that occur, you keep our (internal) users updated through Jira/SNOW.
Assignments are tackled through the Agile methodology (and supported by Jira). Software is delivered in short iterations (sprints), allowing us to react quickly to new developments.
We build high quality software. No feature is “done” until there’s test cases for it and it is properly documented.
We continuously improve both the software we create and the way in which we create software. We question ourselves and each other in a constructive way and build on that to create higher quality software. New ideas are added to a backlog and then scheduled into a sprint for execution. You’ll be expected to contribute ideas depending on your experience and expertise.
We do code reviews as a mandatory step for the release process. We stay aligned as a team and ensure we pursue a single end goal, together. You’ll trigger such a code review yourself when you’re developing and when the implementation is done.


Your strengths:


  • Key: knowledge of Java, Spring & Angular
  • Important: Knowledge of SQL, Experience with the Spring Framework.
  • You are a self-driven, enterprising, dynamic professional. You take initiative – and responsibility.
  • You’re able to settle in quickly.
  • You have a flexible mindset and a hunger to learn.
  • You have a healthy dose of pragmatism and creativity.
  • You continuously interact with your colleagues – and take initiative to do so. You can communicate your ideas in a fluent, structured and convincing way. Given the international context, English and collaboration via collaboration tools is not a problem for you.


Recruiter Name

Vanda Munka

By applying for this position, you hereby confirm that you possess all necessary permissions to stay and work in the Czech Republic.

Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  IT
Level of Experience:  3. Senior (> 5 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Hlavní město Praha
Company:  KBC Global Services Czech Branch
Job requisition ID:  81002