Junior in Embargo/Anti Money Laundering 🎓


The Compliance domain acts as a detective throughout the banking system, primarily monitoring whether certain transactions support illegal activities or reveal suspicious payments.

With us, it will be your day job to investigate suspicious bank transactions and find out what's behind them. Money laundering or terrorism? For example, a payment sent from a high-risk country. You'll be checking people and companies, searching public records and researching information.
All to find out who the suspicious transaction was between and why.

You can count on a very diverse work and solving tasks that will definitely not be routine.

We have relatively large teams, but they work well together. So even if you're a complete novice with no previous experience, the experts among us will teach you everything. However, you have a long way to go to become a true expert in your field.


"Preventing money laundering is an interesting field, one is dealing with real-world stories. Now it was the Pandora Papers, for example. You can really immerse yourself in the investigation and find a lot of things. I haven't even looked around and I've already talked to colleagues from abroad. You can learn a lot if you want to. At the same time, I have a lot of responsibility and I have to be cautious. It's pretty meaningful work."


Daniel Hruška

Senior Back Office Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, 2 years at KBC


We expect:


  • A willingness to learn. This is more important than previous experience
  • Ability and courage to communicate in English. You will be in daily contact with Belgian colleagues
  • Responsibility and interest in staying with us for a few years, during which you can move up in your career
  • A taste for discovering new solutions is always useful. And an interest in meeting new people who are happy to have you around


By applying for this position, you hereby confirm that you possess all necessary permissions to stay and work in the Czech Republic.


Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Administration & Support
Level of Experience:  1. Junior (0->2 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Jihomoravský kraj
Company:  KBC Global Services Czech Branch