Junior in Group Payment Solution🎓

Job Description:

What we do in GPS is making sure that every single international/crossborder/SEPA transaction reaches its beneficiary. International payment systems can be complex and approximately 3% of transactions need manual intervention. Every single customer/bank complaint/request is handled and resolved to the satisfaction of customers. We work mainly for KBC Belgium, partially for CSOB CZ and other smaller foreign entities of KBC.


You get to understand the bank process of creating and sending international Payments, there is a ton of career possibilities, great atmosphere and amazing leadership. You will be cared for and given plenty of opportunities for possible growth and you will definitely be treated fairly.


We expect great deal of personal responsibility and ownership, for some it might not be that common, but we do work with large amounts and we have to be as precise as possible.


Teams are up to max 20 people, but we do have some smaller subteams. We expect people to meet during team day in the office at least twice a week, the rest is flexible and you can use home office.


You can start in one team, continue to another and further and all this time develop your knowledge about specific parts of payments process. You will not have to learn something completely different, it will be an extension for your already  obtained knowledge. There are also very experienced experts with complex knowledge of the whole domain or really deep knowledge of the process of that particular team. You can count on them as your support in the beginnings.

We expect:


  • A willingness to learn. This is more important than previous experience
  • Ability and courage to communicate in English. You will be in daily contact with Belgian colleagues
  • Responsibility and interest in staying with us for a few years, during which you can move up in your career
  • A taste for discovering new solutions is always useful. And an interest in meeting new people who are happy to have you around


Recruiter name:

Zuzana Kováčová


By applying for this position, you hereby confirm that you possess all necessary permissions to stay and work in the Czech Republic.

Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Administration & Support
Level of Experience:  1. Junior (0->2 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Jihomoravský kraj
Company:  KBC Global Services Czech Branch
Job requisition ID:  79738