Local Operations Risk Manager

Job Description:

KBC Global Services Risk  mostly  focuses  on  management  of  operational  risks (including  basic  information  security  risks  and  business continuity management), however, management of reputational risks is also at scope.  One of the most important  aims  of  GS  Risk  management  is to  manage  the  operational  risks  within  the  agreed  risk  appetite, provide  assistance  to  business  in  achieving  their  goals  and  bring added  value.  Design  and  implementation  of  meaningful control environment plays a pivotal role in this effort.


Working at KBC Global Services is indeed a unique experience. Not only because of its great work environment, but mainly because of the outstanding people who work here. 


Currently, we are looking for a candidate who is keen:


  • to help and support different teams in our organization
  • on enjoy contact with diverse groups of people
  • to be able to easily navigate within the processes and suggest improvements
  • the essence of your work would be Operational, Process and Project Risk Management
  • come by, see and get the hands on experience. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Your responsibilities will include:


  • managing, solving and reporting on operational risks (process analysis and identification of weak points)
  • support and consultancy provision for team/s within your scope
  • improvements design leading towards processes enhancement and risks mitigation (What happens if... Why has that happen... How to prevent this from happening again...)
  • company-wide collaboration on projects
  • to be a trustworthy and helpful friend for your 


We expect:


  • we want the absolute necessary minimum experience of at least 1 year in relevant field (e.g. information security, quality control, auditing, process management within IT)
  • risk management is our passion. Is it yours too?
  • you are keen on IT, Application Management or Information Safety
  • you call yourself analytical/logical thinker
  • you possess strong personality and you are able to find ways how to approach diverse types of people. (Very often, you will have to explain things, which might be quite unpopular and may be perceived with no enthusiasm at all - e.g. proposals related to process improvements, identifying cause of failure/mistake, etc.)
  • you are ready to support the organization´s growth within all kinds of initiatives
  • and you are ready for challenges!
  • your English is (near to) perfect (you can easily create a meaningful and correct document, and you are able to present yourself in front of management audience without a blink)
  • you can structure your ideas and formulate outcomes in clear language
  • you are able to juggle multiple activities - Multitasker is your nickname. 
  • you are open to new ideas, projects and enjoy ´out of the box´ thinking


Recruiter name:

Aleš Šťastný


By applying for this position, you hereby confirm that you possess all necessary permissions to stay and work in the Czech Republic.

Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Risk Management
Level of Experience:  2. Medior/Experienced (2->5 years)
Region:  Czech Republic - Jihomoravský kraj
Company:  KBC Global Services Czech Branch