Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about our hiring process, benefits or strategy? Here you find answers to your questions.

Application process

Do you have some tips on how to apply?

  1. Designing a winning resume is the first step to consider. Have a look at the best examples online and pay attention to clear and specific information provided.
  2. Companies do check the CV content against the job requirements. Make sure there is a reasonable match, to make it to the next round.
  3. If your experience is not ideal, do not worry. Formulating a personal cover letter explaining your motivation will help us in seeing your potential.
  4. Many employers (just like us) are actively looking for candidates via LinkedIn, which is a great place to connect with people of your professional interest.
  5. Once your LinkedIn profile is set, you may easily download a well-structured CV, which is easy to maintain over time.
  6. Is KBC Global Services the top employer for you? As organization of 1000+ employees, we do open new vacancies on regular basis. Stay tuned and subscribe to job alerts, not to miss your dream job.


Can I send my CV to your mailbox?

Unfortunately, not. Due to the GDPR policy, we can only contact you if you apply officially via the official job advertisement that you find on our career page. Find the role which suits you the best and don’t hesitate to apply.

Do I have to provide a motivation letter?

Motivational letter will definitely make you stand out, but it’s not mandatory. Motivational letters serve mainly as an introduction to your potential Team leader. The best Motivational letters are brief (half of the A4 page) and they summarize your relevant experience in the field that you are applying to.

What happens with my application after I submit it?

We will be assessing the match together with the Hiring Manager. Our main focus is work or study related experience, overall consistency, declared language levels and development path evolution. Once the match is identified, we proceed with phone screening call where we assess whether to move to an interview stage. If we do not reach to you within 3 weeks, we have prioritized other candidates.

Do I still have to provide my CV if I applied in the past?

Yes, we need to know all the updates in your professional life. 😊 If you’ve already applied, log in to your profile, update your CV and apply again.

Preparation for the interview

How do I get to the office?

The address of our office is: Varna, 201 Slivnitza Blvd. You can get there via public transport, the bus stop is: Dom Mladost (lines 7, 14, 82, 83, 88, 118, 118a, 148).

Once you reach our office, register via our LobbyPad at the reception and we will pick you up. Coming just 5 minutes before the meeting to our reception is the perfect timing. Being there too early means longer time to wait, coming too late would mean that our time spent together will be shorter.

How do I prepare for the interview?

Here are some useful ideas and tips:

  • Prepare at least by reading our website content;
  • Prepare questions;
  • Dress casually, or smart casual;
  • Think of nice examples of your work or study related experience that you can share with us;
  • Easy mood will help you to enjoy our conversation;
  • Interview is more of a chat to get to know each other better;
  • Make sure you double read the job description of the position you will be interviewed for;
  • About salary question – we like if you are consistent and keep your salary expectations on the level that you’ve provided during the application process.

Selection process

What does the selection process look like?

The selection process consists of initial call, where we verify your interest and important information, an interview(s) and sometimes also an assignment. At KBC, we usually have one or two rounds of interviews (either in person or online) where you get to know both the HR representative and your potential team leader. During the interview process you will learn about KBC culture, the team as well as details about the position itself.

Depending on the type of role you are applying for, the interview process may include practical testing which is either included as part of the interview or an assignment. The testing is related to the role you are applying to and its requirements.

How do I prepare for the interview?

After the interview, you will receive a feedback via call from our recruiter. Within our feedback we try to be specific and provide you as much useful information as possible.

How long does the selection process take?

The length of the selection process may vary depending on the position and the desired start date. But on average it takes around 2 weeks.

Can you contact me with similar job offers if I do not succeed?

We keep your original application which you have full control over in your profile. Ideally, you have a job alert setup, so any new position that you like arrives in your email and then you can easily apply to show us that your interest in KBC is actual. It is the fastest way to connect with us to know that your interest and our opening meet at the right time.

How do I find out in which stage my application process is?

In case you have applied via our career site, you have the possibility to check the status of your application in your profile. You can do so by logging in to your Candidate profile, in section “Jobs Applied” there is overview/list of your applications. You will be able to see in which status of hiring process your application is/in which statuses of hiring process your applications are.

Should you need more details about the application progress, feel free to reach out to the responsible recruiter.

Way of working

Can I work remotely and how flexible are the working hours?

KBC's policy is currently set at 50% home office per month. However, there are certain positions that require mandatory presence in the office and do not allow home office option. Working from abroad is currently not allowed. Working is allowed from the Bulgaria.

The general rule of thumb at KBC is that we have core working hours from 10am to 4pm, however the exact conditions may vary depending on the role and the area you work at - but we always try to provide as flexible conditions as possible.

Which career growth options do you have within KBC?

At KBC, we pride ourselves on the growth opportunities for our employees, we generally try to encourage career growth and you can always talk to HR about a direction you would be interested in. Specific opportunities depend on the current open positions.

In general, you can grow horizontally (on expert roles) or vertically (on leadership roles such as team leader, or domain manager).


What benefits do you have?

As a full-time employee, you can look forward to:

  • 25 days of holiday
  • Fully funded courses and certifications
  • Food vouchers
  • Fully paid MultiSport card
  • Company events (Summer Day, New Year's Eve party, CSR activities, sports activities)
  • Third-party offers
  • Discounted banking products from UBB
  • Contribution to life and pension insurance
  • 1 volunteer day
  • Friend referral bonus
  • Fruit and ice cream in the office
  • Possibility to work from home

Equal opportunities

What are your standards related to Diversity & Inclusion?

We consider the responsible behavior and business ethics as the basic layer of all our activities. We are convinced that only by acting in a responsible and ethical way we can grow and maintain the trust of our stakeholders, which is the foundation of our continuing existence.

When carrying out our activities, it is evidence we respect prevailing laws and regulations, but we also impose stringent rules on ourselves in terms of ethical behavior, openness and transparency, discretion and privacy.

KBC Global Services strategy

What is your long term strategy?

We mainly focus on automation and our main product that is aligned with this strategy is KATE, the virtual mobile assistant. Find out more about KATE in our press release.

Johan Thijs, CEO of KBC Group sums up the message as follows: "KBC puts its customers first, and by implementing this new strategy it is taking its bank-insurance services and customer experience to an even higher level. As starting point, we continue to invest in our digital applications and our traditional physical bank branches and insurance agencies. With the support of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, we can work solution-driven to proactively make life easier for our customers. From now on, customers who wish to do so can count on their personal, fully digital assistant, Kate. With Kate, KBC is taking a giant step forward in the service it provides to its customers, whereby making life easier for the customer becomes the leitmotiv."