Data Privacy Consent Statement

Processing of job applicants’ personal data by KBC Group N.V. – Branch Bulgaria/KBC Group companies

1.    Consent

If you have chosen the option allowing us to contact you with other offers than those you have applied for, you give consent to the processing of your personal data provided within your profile in the SuccessFactors HR system by KBC Group N.V. Branch Bulgaria or KBC Group companies ("Administrators") acting as administrators in order to:

  • Administer the Administrators' databases containing job applicant information for the purposes of future job interviews including, where applicable, contact aiming to offer participation in such future recruitment process.

The current list of Administrators is always available at:

  • You hereby declare that you have been informed of the Administrators who are granted your consent.

Your consent is valid for 2 years [from the end of the relevant recruitment process for which you have submitted your personal data/from the creation of your profile]. You acknowledge that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

2.    Information on personal data processing.

If you have shown interest in becoming an employee of the KBC Group N.V. – Branch Bulgaria, Shared Service Center, Digital Development Center in Varna or one of the KBC Group companies, we have processed your personal data in order to initiate recruitment procedures for job vacancies, i.e. so we can contact you and assess the possibility of your employment in the relevant company.
We hereby inform you how and why we process your personal information and what rights you have in this field. The processing of your personal data is governed by legal regulations, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of personal data (GDPR) in particular. Personal data protection is important to us, so all companies associated in the KBC Group adhere to the strictest security standards in personal data processing. We recommend that you study the information carefully. Should you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail  You may also exercise your rights listed in paragraph 6 below in the manner indicated therein. If we have not accommodated your request, or you are dissatisfied with the information provided or the handling of your request, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (see Annex hereto for contact details) or file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority at the following points of contacts:

The Bulgarian data protection authority: Data Protection Commission
-    address: 2 Professor Tsvetan Lazarov, Sofia 1592 Bulgaria
-    e-mail:
-    website:

The Lead Supervisory Authority is:  Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit
-    address: Rue de la Presse 35 – Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Bruxelles – Brussel / Belgium
-    e-mail :
-    website:

3.     Who is the Data Controller of your personal information?
The Data Controller of your information is always the KBC Group N.V. – Branch Bulgaria or KBC Group company to which you have provided your personal information in order to participate in a job application process with the  company ("Data Controller"). If you apply for multiple positions, all of these companies may act as the Data Controller in relation to your personal data. For more information on the KBC Group, see the KBC Group Companies List at

4.    What is the purpose and legal basis for personal data processing and what is the personal data retention period?

4.1    For recruitment purposes /in case you have expressed your desire to join our team/; 

Personal data processing is always performed solely within the scope defined by the purpose of processing. We process your personal data for the purposes and on the basis of the legal titles listed below for the necessary time. For the purpose of proper recruitment process for job vacancies, we process your personal data as provided by you, within the scope of:
-    Identification: name, surname, uniform civil number/PIN, academic degree, permanent address, nationality, date and place of birth, passport or ID card number and issuing authority (in the case of aliens), personal photograph;
-    The Applicant’s profile information: your curriculum vitae and the information contained therein
e.g. previous employers, work experience, education, names and contact details of references, diplomas, certificates, information on integrity, including publicly available information on social media and internet;

-    The Applicant’s private contact details: mailing address, e-mail, telephone number or profile address and other contact details on professional social networks (e.g. LinkedIn);

The legal basis for processing the above data is the implementation of measures prior to entering into the employment contract. Another legal title for such processing is also the Data Controller’s legitimate interest to know about your relevant characteristics as a job applicant. The personal data will be processed for the necessary time - i.e. until we inform you that you have possibly not been accepted for job in question. In case you are successful and we proceed with your application, we will further process your personal data under the legal title of the employment contract.  

If you are an applicant from a country outside the European Union and/or the European Economic Area, in addition to the details you are required to provide when completing the SuccessFactors application form, you agree to provide details of your passport, visa, work and residence permit, as well as details of your actual current address in the Republic of Bulgaria. In connection with visa, residence and work permit issuance/renewal services, family reunification immigration procedures, relocation, your personal data such as name, email address, nationality, place of current residence will be provided to Maitrix Relocations Ltd. based in registered office located at. 4, Mladost Str. Business Park Sofia, Building 12; bulstat 030009126 .The activity of the company is to provide support for the abovementioned services and Maitrix Relocations Ltd. will act as Processor for your personal data.

4.2 If you are not accepted for the position but agree to be further contacted after this process has ended in case of a similar recruitment process in future and/or for receiving your feedback (survey/questionnaire).
-    You grant us your consent to process your personal data or login information within the scope of e-mail, name, surname and password for the purposes of profile generation in our SuccessFactors HR system. The legal basis for processing this data is the Data Controller’s legitimate interest (i.e. the operability and security of the SuccessFactors HR system). The personal data will be processed for the duration of the contractual relationship or until you cancel your profile in the system.
-    You grant us your consent for sending to your email address, survey/questionnaire for receiving your feedback about the journey/experience you had in the recruitment process.

4.3 Background Check – For the purposes of initial background check KBC Group N.V. – Branch Bulgaria or any KBC Group company would like to process certain personal data of the candidates to know about their relevant characteristics as a job applicant.
The legal basis for processing the above data is the Consent and the above described procedure will be conducted after you provide KBC Group N.V. – Branch Bulgaria or KBC Group company with your explicit and unambiguous Consent. It is needed only for this specific operation and won’t be used as legal basis for processing your personal information for any other data processing operations. 

4.4. For future litigation or administrative proceedings – in this case we will process and keep your personal data limited to your name, surname, e-mail, telephone number and address.
The legal basis for such processing is the Data Controller’s or third party’s legitimate interest - declaratory action, enforcement or defense of legal claims. The personal data will be processed for the time necessary to achieve this purpose, however, for no longer than twenty years from the    enforcement event for the duration of the limitation period in each particular case.

4.5.    For training purposes /KBC Academies and Webinars/
In case you choose to participate in a training, academy, webinar, etc., organized by KBC Group N.V. – Branch Bulgaria or KBC Group company your personal data, limited to: name and e-mail will be processed. The purpose of the processing of the above-mentioned data is limited to the purposes of the conducted training, namely training registration form, and will be processed for the duration of the training course. The legal basis for such processing is the legitimate interest of both parties. If you expressed interest in a particular job position after the end of the training, your name and email will be used by recruiter for contacting you and starting a regular recruitment process. (see 4.1)

5. To whom can we provide your personal information?
Based on a legitimate interest (internal administrative purposes), we may pass your personal data on to KBC Group of which KBC Group N.V. Branch Bulgaria is a member (for more information on the KBC Group, see KBC Group Companies List at However, adequate protection of the personal data processed is always ensured (by means of appropriate technical and organizational measures).

6. What rights do you, as the Data Subject, hold in connection with the processing?
As a Data Subject, you have the following rights in relation to personal data processing: the right of access, the right to rectification/erasure/restriction of processing of personal data, the right to data portability, the right to object to processing or to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority.
If you have agreed to processing, you have done so voluntarily and you maintain your right to withdraw your consent at any time, in a very simple way in the settings of your profile in our SuccessFactors HR system.
You can exercise all of your rights in the following manners:
·    by request sent as a letter wherein your signature will be officially certified, to the Data Controller’s registered office address;
·    by request sent to  with your electronic signature;

·    by request sent via the contact field; 

7.    Methods and means of processing
We collect your personal information either directly from you, or receive your information from a third party. We can receive your personal information directly for example when you fill in the online form, upload your CV to SuccessFactors, or provide information during a phone call or personal meeting. We may also obtain some information from your references, employment agencies, publicly accessible registers (such as the Trade Register), publicly available information from the internet, social media platforms, or from professional social networks. 
We can also receive your personal information when you apply for a position at KBC through a dedicated third party that publishes open positions (e.g., Manpower). We receive all the personal information you provided when applying through the third party and process it for the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement. These third parties are separate data controllers and independent from KBC, and we request you to consult their separate privacy statement to inform yourself on how and for what purposes they process your personal data. 
Personal data is processed in the electronic form by automated methods. Personal information is stored  in our information systems, and may be backed up  on  the backup  server/information carriers as needed.
The personal data is under our permanent physical, electronic and procedural control, we employ modern control, technical and security mechanisms to ensure maximum protection of the data we process from unauthorized access or transmission, loss or destruction, and other possible misuse.
Any Third-Parties we use in regards to processing your personal information have implemented at least the same level of security and protection of the personal data. 
All persons coming into contact with your personal data as part of their job descriptions or contract obligations are bound by a legal or contractual non-disclosure obligation that even survives the termination of their employment or contractual relationship with us.

8.    What happens if changes in processing occur?
We may modify the information contained herein as needed based on the current situation. In that case, we will inform you as the Data Subjects of such a change in a timely manner. However, we recommend that you regularly check the current version of this document in our SuccessFactors HR system.

Contact details for the Data Protection Officer of KBC Group N.V. – Bulgaria Branch:

NAME: KBC Group N.V. – Bulgaria branch

Contact for the Data Protection Officer: