Policy Adviser

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As our Policy advisor, you will be:

  • Getting familiar with European Central Bank (ECB) policies, requirements and directives and be responsible for translating them to the context of the needs of the Bank.
  • Have a key role in implementing and supporting the application of the above policies within the entities of KBC Group.
  • Be responsible for reporting the application of those Outsourcing requirements to ECB directly.
  • Defining & Optimizing the KBC and local outsourcing policy
  • Defining & Optimizing the local data organization
  • Looking for all possibilities to improve the organization and increase efficiency, through processes, through re-organizations, through screening of governance, through looking for what we can do less, through all kinds of methods such as LEAN, data-analysis,
  • Making proposals based on your research
  • Tackling a problem through workshops and collaboration with various entities and skills, to find out what it is and then to work out solid but also pragmatic proposals
  • Analyzing complex problems and to making a compact and manageable synthesis of them with actionable proposals
  • Translating requirements from ECB or other regulatory instances into a clear and workable framework with policies and procedures.
  • Finding a balance between requirements from different stakeholders (Risk, Legal, Compliance, international audience, management, …) and working out consensus solution fulfilling a maximum of the requirements.
  • Communicate and introduce frameworks to a local and/or international audience
  • Support people in applying the outsourcing or data framework
  • Reporting and presenting to local management and to higher management (including Group ExCo)

 Key competences that will help you succeed:

  • Good at analysis: you have the ability to quickly dive into new material and new scope, unravel it and distinguish between main and secondary issues
  • Better at synthesis: getting to the top with the essence, and being able to communicate it concisely.
  • Critical mindset: It is our role to develop our own view of the subject, free from existing convictions and opinions, to sharply map out the pros and cons of the current situation, not to simply believe the first explanation we receive.
  • Helicopter view: You always keep the complete overview and identify the right topics to take hold of. You combine conceptual thinking with pragmatic implementation skills.
  • Effective and efficient management story building: how to structure the story, how to build a visually supported presentation, how to summarize well so the readers are not drowned in slides.
  • Planning: you are able to look ahead and make back plans so that important assignments are always handled in a timely and well-considered manner.
  • Networking and stakeholder management
  • You get the chance to follow trends, both inside and outside of bank assurance.
  • Result and impact oriented
  • You like to work in a continuously changing organization with frequent changes in scope
  • It’s a plus if you have affinity with Data-minded organizations, Outsourcing regulation, Risk Management, Project management, Process management.

Zlatina Petrova

Contract Type:  Full-time
Category:  Strategy & Policy
Level of Experience:  1. Junior (0->2 years)
Region:  Bulgaria - Varna
Company:  KBC Global Services Bulgaria Branch
Job requisition ID:  82346