Security Operations Center Analyst

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We are looking for а SOC Analyst to strengthen our Security Operations Center. This is a team of experts who are committed to cybersecurity every day.  
Monitoring existing security processes, but also making them better. Solving problems, but also preventing them. In a nutshell, that's what you do as a Security Operations Center analyst. 

What do we expect from you? 

  • You monitor the security of our critical servers and systems. 
  • You monitor the alarms generated by our security systems and act on them: you set priorities and escalate an issue when needed. 
  • Based on your knowledge of attack techniques, you will help to find the root cause of security alarms. For this you dive into the log files of servers and systems. 
  • You will test and fine tune security alarms and incident response procedures. 
  • You will discuss within the teams what to do in case of incidents and how to prevent them in the future. 
  • You attend regular team meetings and scrums 
  • You document the context of the incident. 
  • You help colleagues who are resolving the incident with additional analyses, if necessary. 
  • You help ensure that we are working according to the right priorities. 
  • Depending on the action taken on the incident, you close it, put it on hold, have it looked at again or escalate it. Your guide here is our runbook. You also provide suggestions on what action to take. 
  • You participate in sessions on continuous improvement and help think through these questions: 

o What lessons can we learn from how certain incidents were handled? Can things be done differently or better next time? 
o What are the weaknesses in our security controls? 
o Can our processes be more efficient? Do we pass on information to each other in the best way

Technical Skills 
•    You have a previous experience as a SOC Analyst of at least 1 year
•    You have a broad view on the IT Operating systems & middleware (Windows, Unix, Linux, databases) and networks; 
•    You have general to good knowledge of malware (types) and cyber-attack techniques (the kill chain); 
•    Other pluses - Knowledge of and experience with Security tools for detection and analysis security events; ticketing systems; Network security, firewall, IDS 
Functional skills  
•    Security driven: You have a keen eye for cyber security risks, how to recognize them and how to prevent them 
•    You are a good communicator, orally as well as written, to both technical colleagues as managerial colleagues 
•    You have good analytical skills to help analyze security events/incidents and you are strong in conceptual thinking.  
•    You are a team player: Working in a team gives you energy and satification. 
•    Active learning and you chase the missing knowledge 
•    Being proactive and taking initiatives 


Recruiter Name

Dobrin Stefanov Yanev

Contract Type:  Full-time
Level of Experience: 
Region:  Bulgaria - n/a
Job requisition ID:  82498