About Us

Part of KBC Group, one of Europe's leading financial institutions, KBC Digital Development Center has been established in the beginning of 2021 in the sea capital of Varna, Bulgaria. 

At KBC Digital Development Center, we work on a wide range of IT projects and solutions to support the digital transformation in the bank and insurance entities within the group. It is our mission to harness the power of classical IT and combine it with digital banking technologies to achieve performance improvements and build a future of shared success. 

Where classical IT meets digital banking.

Our areas of expertise

The digital age is here and shows no signs of slowing down, so we need to adapt quickly and transform the technologies we use. Our team of experienced software developers, SCRUM masters and IT project managers is aiming to achieve just that by combining innovative agile techniques with their deep knowledge and expertise. 

Our work extends across Europe and country-wide collaboration is part of our everyday life.   

Agile Development and Frameworks

We combine the power of the agile methodologies and frameworks such as SAFe and SCRUM to achieve technical excellence and create added value for our clients and partners. 

System and Technical Design

We design, build and maintain systems that are at the heart of financial services and banking applications used by 3 million people all over Europe. 

Application Management

We rely on the strong technical expertise of our team to oversee and manage all the essential activities of a particular program, system or solution. 

  • Why join KBC Digital Development Center

    Bring your expertise to some of the fastest growing organisations in Varna, and one of Europe’s leading financial institutions. 

    Your work will be at the core of projects that scale globally and transform the banking system as we know it.  

  • Why join KBC Digital Development Center

    To support your talent and help you bring your best self to work, we offer: 

    • Space for professional and personal development  
    • Work-life balance and 25 days of paid holiday 
    • Flexible working schedule with remote work option 
    • Employee performance recognition bonuses 
      and more! 

Let's create something exciting together

If you are collaborative and solution-driven visionary with passion for tackling challenges 
with technology, explore our open roles and don't hesitate to apply if you find one that matches your skills and interests.