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Data Specialist I Full-time 06-Jul-2022
QA Engineer Full-time 06-Jul-2022
Process Manager Full-time 06-Jul-2022
Hardworking person with analytical and open mind Full-time 04-Jul-2022
Credits administration officer Full-time 02-Jul-2022
Business Solution Analyst I Full-time 30-Jun-2022
KBC Data Analyst Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Specialist(k)a back office prevence praní špinavých peněz Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Financial analyst Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Asset Management Fund Administrator Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Business Solution Analyst Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Accounts Payable Officer Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Process Manager Full-time 29-Jun-2022
Application Manager (Corporate Credits) Full-time 28-Jun-2022
Embargo Analysis Full-time 28-Jun-2022
DWH Operator Full-time 27-Jun-2022
Information Risk Officer - Support team (Prague) Full-time 27-Jun-2022
Account Reconciliation Officer I Full-time 27-Jun-2022
Test Engineer Full-time 27-Jun-2022
Pojďte se s námi starat o cenné papíry Full-time 25-Jun-2022
Pojďte se s námi starat o cenné papíry Plný úvazek 25-Jun-2022
Application Manager for Securities Services Full-time 25-Jun-2022
Administrative Support Officer for Insurance Part-time/Full-time 24-Jun-2022
Developer - IBS Application Manager Full-time 24-Jun-2022
Back office na Finančních trzích Full-time 24-Jun-2022
Functional Analyst I Full-time 24-Jun-2022
Application Manager Full-time 23-Jun-2022
Officer I Full-time 22-Jun-2022
RPA Developer Full-time 21-Jun-2022
Management assistant Full-time 21-Jun-2022

Guide to your hiring journey

We at KBC Group, Shared Service Center CZ have a variety of open positions. Whether you're a recent graduate with a passion for banking and insurance, or you're an expert in your field, chances are that we have the right career opportunity for you. Generally, we are in the search for results-driven, motivated and forward-looking people who can add to our company culture and help us thrive and excel.

Step 1: Craft a winning resume

Your resume is the first document we'll review when receiving your application, so it is a 'true first impression". This is why it is essential to have a concise and accurate resume that sumps us your experience in chronological order as well as your qualifications, skills and talents. Along with details on education, skills and work history, you can include career highlights, volunteer experience, and anything else that shapes you as a professional and proves that you're a good match to the position. Even if you have just graduated from the university and have no experience, you can impress us with your university activities, awards or accolades, post-graduate coursework, or community work.

It's a good idea to keep your resume no longer than one-two pages and make sure that it is perfect in terms of grammar and spelling.

Step 2: Let's get to know each other

Our hiring journey starts with a brief phone call with our friendly recruiters. They will ask you a few questions in order to check your availability, English language skills, motivation to work for KBC, and to get an impression of your personality.

It’s worthy of note here that occasionally it may take a couple of weeks after the call to get back to you and invite you for another interview. The recruiting world is so dynamic that priorities are changing as we speak sometimes, so please bear with us. Our recruitment team is doing their best to keep in touch with all candidates and provide you timely updates.

Step 3: Show us your skills, we want to know you better

Normally, your first interview is held in our office, but due to the new rules for social distancing, we will invite you to a video meeting. The goal of this interview is to learn more about your experience, skills and motivations. It is a good idea to find out as much as you can about the company and the job in advance. Company research is a crucial part of interview preparation and will help you prepare your questions.

The interview may take from 30 to 90 minutes, so make sure to plan your day accordingly.  At the end of the interview, we will tell you more about the next steps. We usually arrange a second interview with the hiring manager who will be evaluating your fit with the position and the corporate culture, trying to gauge your professional skills and personality. Don't worry – it will feel like a nice chat over a coffee. 😊 And you are free to ask any additional questions!

More often than not, we will send you a task or an online assessment that you'll need to complete. This is an ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, thus increasing your chances to land the job.

How many interview rounds can you expect?

That's a tough question! Every position is specific and the recruiting steps can vary. What we can say for sure is that our recruitment team will keep you up-to-date every step of the way and will inform you when we expect to make a final decision.

Step 4: Welcome on board – Decision and job offer

After careful evaluation on our end, we may move forward with an offer. If you make it to this final stage, congratulations! If not, do not feel discouraged. There's a very thin line between the candidate who lands the job and the person who doesn't. Another opportunity may soon arrive, so we will keep your resume and contacts.